The electronic home appliance is a unique household product, designed in highly sophisticated manner capable of undertaking load as per the requirement of the user. Besides being labelled as a tough survivor it saves time, energy and gives unmatchable performance compare with other products in the market. Its a south Korean brand.

Washing machine is an ultimate life- saving appliances for home-maker and when it is one of the best brands like LG, it comes with several useful features. Machines of any types faces some issues at one point in time and so is the case with washing machines for which they need servicing from time to time. LG washing machine repair services are offered by a plethora of washing machine repair companies who adequate knowledge in handling the parts and accessories of this brand. Whether it is a matter like replacing a spare of this brand. Faces some issues whether it is a matter like replacing a part or fixing a cracked hosepipe, an LG washing machine repair service. Enjoy good service. Economical service charges distinguish these washing machine repair and service. To book their services, customer needs to simply call to our service center numbers.

Servicing at our center.

We give basically world class service in restoring the confidence of our customer, who believe in us as being a upcoming brand handling a washing machine requires a great deal of attention. Particularly when it comes to problem shooting stuff because people these days hardly withstand amendment, so here at our center it is a quick processing solution, trouble shooting, cost effective and a standard engineering methodology capable of adding quick customisation to any defect whatsoever, years of experience has helped us to look better solution, quick, reliable and durable thus sustaining the balance between customer and ourselves.

Unlike other servicing centers ours is a renowned trustworthy, we understand the need of our customer in a world of hassle free environment, people tend to save time in a long run we shall remain a world class servicing center providing the best solution for any defective home appliances.

Silent features.

Any time. Anywhere.

We are a team of highly committed technicians capable of delivering on time, anywhere in twin city. A world class engineering technique in understanding your need and giving our best.

Skilled professionals.

We provide 100 percent customer satisfaction, and complete safety for your product your trust and our service go side by side. Since we believe in building relationships.

Trusted brand.

We are the leader in repairing home appliances, our services are cost. Effective and long lasting a bond between you and us. In terms of giving the best service in the industry.


Technicians provide you reliable and quality washing machine repair service at your doorstep. Right from component replacement to fixing aggravated technical issues with your washing machine is solved by our technicians. All components and circuit problems are addressed by our experienced technicians, and solve it as early as possible. With quality spare product. Technicians will visit to your home within less time.

 Problem in the washing machine solve by our technicians

·         Mother board problem

·         Drain motor

·          Drain pipe

·         Inlet wall

·         Sensor

·         Water draining out

·         Spin motor

·         Door problems 

·         Shock absorb

·         Body replace

·         Spin tub replace 

·         Inlet pipe replace and etc.